Soon… so watch this space!

Yes, it is time… after almost a year of ‘The Marketing Assistant’ (1st Birthday 29th March – very exciting!) it is finally going to happen… Honest, I promise I just need to find some spare time in-between actually running a business, servicing clients, researching new business, attending networking events, going on courses, meetings with clients, meetings with prospects, meeting with 3rd parties, posting industry relevant content on Twitter, posting company news on Facebook, posting meaningful ‘Pins’ on Pinterest, updating my website, keeping on top of finance ins & outs, billing clients… oh and looking after my 2 year old, the cat and the husband, shopping, cleaning etc. I will blog if it kills me!

My first blog is going to be called ‘Tales of a Kitchen Table Start-Up’ but then again this may class as my first post… Coming soon (hopefully!)


Working on the blog…